Sweet corn research programme

Sweet corn is one of the most popular vegetable in the US and its popularity is growing rapidly throughout the world. Sweet corn is the result of a naturally-occurring recessive mutation in the genes , which control conversion of sugar is an important source of fibre minerals and certain vitamins and its consumption after cooking significantly increases the kernel`s antioxidant activity, which substantially reduces the chance of heart disease and cancer. Keeping in view the growing demand demand of sweet corn in India , INDO US BIO TECH PVT LTD has designed the sweet corn in breeding program to tailor hybrids as per consumer preference.
Large collection of diverse germplasm with all three types of mutant genes ( se ,su and sh2)having the following traits
Earliness-suitable for early harvesting
Erect plant type
Medium to very high brix per cent
Small to medium kernel size
Attractive kernel colour and cob shape
Genetic enhancement
Enetic enhancement programme to develop male and female lines having
Su and se genes
Tolerance to major pests and diseases
Development of sweet corn hybrids havings
Su or “sugary” allele suitable for processing as well as fresh market
Se or “sugary enhanced “ allele to have much longer storage life
Super sweetness (sh or “shrunken” gene), suitable or fresh market as shelf life is extended because of the slower conversion of sugars to starch after harvest
Better flavor , greater tenderness and enhanced nutritional value
Tolerance to major pests and diseases
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